Oct 24 2005

Waffling with the Alphabet

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We used to have waffles all the time. I was a waffling maven. (I still do waffle a lot, but not in the eating sense.) Since I didn’t want the kids hopped on sugar ALL the time, I enacted the Mom Rule of 2004 of jam on weekdays, syrup on weekends. Since that rule was made, the waffle making and consuming has slacked off a bit, but last Sunday, I hopped on downstairs and made waffles, AB style. It’s kind of amusing how Ethan still uses the jam/syrup determination for everything. It will be Friday and my head will be filled with thoughts of plans for the weekend, and I’ll say, “It’s Friday today Ethan, tomorrow is the weekend. You know what that means?”

No work! No school! Sleeping in! (as if) Fun things! This is where my mind goes.


The three year old mind is a one track route to SUGAR.

So. Sunday. Ethan was delighted when the wiggly squirt of syrup over his waffles made an “N”. I always drizzle some on the waffle, and then put some on the side. For some reason early on, the squirt on the side, be it syrup or ketchup or whatever condiment you care for, in our house, it has been christened a “doot”. I think because, in my desire to punctuate every action, I always made a “DOOT!” noise when I squirted it out. Thus, the doot was born. Back to the syrup at hand. Ethan discovered the “N” written there on his waffle, and there was much exclaiming and excitement. So for waffle #2, I purposely made an “E” with the syrup drizzle.

Me: “Look Ethan, what letter is that?”
Ethan: “It’s an EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”
James: “Hmmmm. Is it E for … Evan???”
Me: “SILLY DADDY! It’s an E for-

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