Jan 11 2006

Picture MANIA!

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I do wonder if there are people out in the world reading this space that I don’t actually know. Do I know you? Do you know me? I have been taking our gallery of photos and slowly uploading them into our flickr account, and this morning when I opened my email I was somewhat amazed to see that someone I’d never heard of had added me as a contact on flickr. Do they read this thingee here and saw the Christmas photos and then added me? Or were they just a flickr person who randomly found my photostream and thought it was neat and added me that way? I COULD just message them and ask but then I would be a dork. (I am a dork anyway, but this way, nobody knows but you, and me. Shhhh.)

So, speaking of photos, I’ve been glancing them over as I upload them, and I gotta say, DAMN are my kids cute. I mean really. They also look a lot alike. Sometimes when I’m out somewhere with Jocelyn, someone will tell me how she looks just like me. I seriously do not see it. However, when I/we are out with both of them, they NEVER say that, they always say (if a comment is made) that they look so much like EACH OTHER.

Here is one of Ethan that looks startlingly like Jocelyn, perhaps because he’s hair is getting all long and fuzzy:

Looking at pictures of Ethan when he was littler makes me so nostalgic. He was (and still is!) such a SWEET little boy. He still gets the same look on his face from when he was a baby.


I recently got a pair of overalls for Ethan, and he totally shunned them. In fact, EVERY article of clothing I have bought recently, except for 1 pair of pants, he has refused to wear. The boy is going to grow out of anything and have to run around naked because of all the clothes in stores are somehow not coming up to the high standards of the The Boy.

Speaking of naked, there was a time when I could barely keep clothes on him. Potty training pretty much consisted of letting him run around naked a lot and putting the potty chair in the living room. Also reading about Joshua, and how he has a bottom for sitting on and a hole in it for making poo-poo!

I have issues with this book. Have you ever thought that your bottom is “making” poop? Frankly, that is a little startling. Also, the book states that the “pee-pee” MAKES “wee-wee”. As I read this book to Ethan, I would always change the wording on the spur of the moment because it just doesn’t sound right. First of all, it’s a penis. Always has been, alwasy will be – no “pee-pee” in this house, thank you very much. I waffled too much on saying either “wee-wee” or just “pee”, so now in our house, it’s wee-wee. I hate wee-wee. I would much rather it be called pee. It really is a weird word, don’t you think? How in the world did urine ever get turned into “pee”? Anyway, the penis doesn’t “make” pee, that would be part of the kidney’s job. I hold no truck with these ON-THE-FLY wee-wee-making pee-pees, that’s just eerie. Aside from the actual nouns used for all the bathroom talk, the wording in the book is just a little weird. “Afterwards he kept making Wee-Wee and Poo-Poo into his diaper and I, Joshua’s mother, kept changing him.” I mean, that’s a little wordy for a toddler who really doesn’t have a lot of mastery over anything yet, let alone english. Good book, just strangely written.

There are some good points to it though. Joshua’s mother brings him a potty, and he opens it up and contemplates what it could be. “Is it a milk bowl for the kitty? — No..” I remember one day Ethan was playing, and we hadn’t even read the book that day, and he said to himself, “Is it a bowl for the kitty? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Is it for flowers? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Is it bird-bath? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! IT’S A POTTY!!!!!!”

That by far, was his favorite part.

Jocelyn has been talking talking talking lately. Not only does she say, “Awesome!” but the other day she helped daddy empty the dishwasher. Too cute already, but as she took out a cup and hand it off to Daddy, she would say, “Ethan’s cup.” “Mommy’s cup.” “Daddy’s fork.” “Plate, daddy. Ethan’s plate.” Every article belonged to someone.

Family picture:

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