Mar 21 2006

Canon EOS 20D vs. Canon EOS 30D

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Do you have an opinion on either of these? Tell me. I’m torn because while the 30D is supposed to be out any day now, the upgrades from the 20D to 30D are fairly minimal, not the “everyone run to the stores and upgrade!” sort of changes that happened when they went from 10D to 20D. So when it finally does ship, the 20D might drop some more in price making it a better deal. However, there IS the upgrades that it has, site metering, bigger LCD, and some other stuff I can’t remember atm. I’m leaning toward the 20D which seems nearly as good for cheaper, cause you KNOW we’re going to need the other swanky stuff to go with it, like some lenses and maybe the battery grip and possibly a flash. Oy to the vey. Talk about dropping some cash. the 20D after it has hopefully dropped in price some is looking better and better.

Remember how I mentioned googling photography classes recently? OH MY GOD — LOOOOOOOK at this cool photography thingee I found in my googling. Basically, you take your camera and you go take pictures in DC while a professional photographer gives you advice, pointers, how-tos and more. They have a “safari” for the cherry blossoming which, if you don’t know, is a big deal in DC this time of year, and it sounds fabulous. I wonder if I could get my hands on a new camera by April. Anyone else interested in this? Angie???? I didn’t sell you that camera at the yard sale forever ago, but maybe you have another one and maybe you’d want to learn how to use it better! Tamara? Chris? Ann? ANYONE maybe? EMAIL ME YO!

Safaris I want to go on:

wouldn’t it be awesome to go on these ones?

I’m not even going to get into the ones in other countries. Sigh.

-amy dreams in digital.

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