Mar 22 2006

quick update

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Took a picture of the seedlings this morning, in good light! yay! but you’ll have to wait until this evening to see it.

Got an invitation to BlogAds from RockstarMommy – she is the best! Thanks chica.

They gave me a “free ad code” to send to my friends so that they can submit ads to be displayed for free on my site for the first few weeks.


I don’t care if you have nothing to shill. Here is your chance to make a little graphic, or even just write some text, and post it on the sidebar of my site. Do you realize the possibilities? I’m thinking I need to make something that proclaims Greg is a dork, and put it up for all to see. Other possibilities:

  • James drinks chocolate milk every night.
  • I HATE PEAS! (i don’t, i’m thinking of this one for you)
  • Andrew has more shoes that Zappos,
  • I refuse to let dishwater touch my skin,
    and, of course,
  • Greg is a dork.

Think outside the box people. Devise your personal manifesto. Divulge your secrets in ad-form. Shill away!

Click here to submit your ad:

And email me for the free code. Remember, I still have to approve them. Neener neener!

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