Mar 02 2006

Driving in circles…

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Yesterday when I arrived at the door of Subway to grab a (only 7 pts!) 6″ turkey on wheat piled with veggies, I was aghast to see a “CLOSED – WATCH FOR OUR NEW LOOK!” sign in the window. Further inspection found that the inside had been completely gutted. Looks like Subway for lunch is out for a while.

James used to work in this area, and when I first had my interview here, the first thing he said was how he had a little place he used to stop and get breakfast (a egg, ham & cheese sandwich), and “it was soooooo goood.” Well, I thought, why not, I’ll find out from James where it is, and go check it out.

I called him up, and due to the lack of speakerphone and the lack of an automatic in my truck, had some trouble just talking to him while trying to steer and shift all at the same time (this girls needs some bluetooth headphone LOVE) as he tried to recall street names. He was also sitting down to lunch with a couple of other friends who also worked at the same place that James worked. So I heard them start to pipe in, “Yeah, that one road in between Lee highway and 66..” I heard Kurt say.

“Treetop.” I said into the phone, and turned that direction, heading back towards my office.

“Yeah, there’s an office building kind of on that corner, but a little further down, and the place is in the loggy of th–”

“He’s talking about Cafe Speedy?” I asked James in disbelief.

James: “Yeah, Cafe Speedy, that was the place. Man I loved that place.”

Me, Staring AT MY OWN OFFICE BUILDING: “James, Cafe Speedy is in the lobby of THE BUILDING WHERE I WORK.”

Dorks drove me around back to my own office building. I nearly dislocated my shouder talking and turning and shifting all at once. James has even been to my office before, and never clued in that the cafe he used to eat at was at the same place.

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  1. Gregon 02 Mar 2006 at 1:19 pm

    So was it worth the drive?