Jun 27 2006

weekend – LINDA

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No big house projects were done or started on this weekend, as I had bigger fish to fry, visiting with long lost LINDA!

(Look at me, playing in photoshop, wheeee!)


I met Linda at BYU’s Theatre Workshop when we were both.. oh I don’t know.. 14? 13? Workshop was the point in my young life where I truly moved from “child” to “young adult.” Have 30-50 people work together, play together, eat together, sleep together, build, dance, act, sing together for 5 weeks, and you get very close. It was an amazing experience and when it was over, it was heartbreaking to say goodbye. I didn’t know her well the first year, but I went back the next year and we immediately bonded as several in the small group that had gone to workshop the year before. Linda is quite the writer, and it meant that she corresponded diligently throughout all our time apart. I couldn’t tell you where the other friends I made at workshop ended up (except when I ask linda, and she sometimes knows), but Linda and I wrote diligently.

We both ended up at BYU freshman year, which made “keeping in touch” much easier 🙂 The summer after freshman year, we decided that we simply MUST room together at least one term, short as it might be, and so spent summer term in Campus Plaza, a hole of an apartment complex whose biggest asset is the proximity to campus (I could get out of bed at 7:50 and still make it to my 8am class with a few minutes to spare). We had many adventures, hiking to the Y, driving up to Park City where my folks lived for the weekend, and a road trip to Grand Junction, CO for the 4th of July (we were determined to go to a state that would celebrate the FOURTH OF JULY HOLIDAY ON THE ACTUAL FOURTH OF JULY – and it was on a Sunday, and therefore celebrated Saturday instead of Sunday in most of Utah. GOOD LORD PEOPLE.)

She also roomed with me a year later after one of my roomates moved to the dorms and we had a spot open in my apartment. She later transfered to Arizona State University, and I later transferred Away From Utah. I visited her in Arizona, she visited me in Atlanta, we met in New Orleans once. She was (one of) my maid of honor when I was married, and through the glory of email we’ve kept in touch. I haven’t seen her in quite a while though, and so I was very excited to see her this weekend and hear about her adventures in Korea and in life.

Much was discussed over chips and queso (the girl’s been in Korea, of course she must be taken to California Tortilla for chips and queso), aimless driving in the car, and in a quaint little park in Manassas were we just chilled out for a few hours. More was discussed at home, over many many many MANY alcoholic beverages. I made waffles in the morning that lacked the proper amount of eggs, and the proper amount of baking powder, and subsequently were like eating cardboard. They made me feel as if I’d eaten a brick (not a good feeling when the hangover is just barely staved off). I was sad to see her go after I drove her to the bus station in DC (and again, sorry about making you late, darest dearling!)

Anyway, lovely weekend, mostly spent visiting with Linda Lou Lou.


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