Aug 14 2006

i am FREAKING OUT a little. OK a lot.

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Clicked over to this article on soya from LeahPeah’s, and am now very very freaked out.

Jocelyn has been intolerant to milk protein since she was an infant. I had to cut dairy and all milk proteins out of my diet when I was breastfeeding her. When breastfeeding ended, soy was the obvious next choice.

He calculated that babies fed exclusively on soya formula could receive the oestrogenic equivalent, based on body weight, of five birth control pills a day.

Obviously the effects of the soy milk Jocelyn drinks today is less than the effect of when she was an infant.. She weighs more now and drinks about 9-16 oz a day rather than 24-30oz.

I know a lot of people will say, “Just because you read ONE ARTICLE does not mean you have to freak out. It does not mean they actually know what they’re talking about.”

And they’d be right. It doesn’t. But even the soy producers tout the hormones in soy milk as A GOOD THING. And it may be. I just don’t think I want hormones running around in my 2 year old daughter. Puberty has already scarily crept up on girls and boys at younger and younger ages over the years.
Just trying to find a light at the end of this tunnel. It just seems to coincide with my thoughts recently about how industrialization of food is a good way to turn things to shit.

Kind of a side tangent to all this. Last Saturday we went to the local farmer’s market and I felt all gung ho about buying locally etc. Until I spied a MANGO, and thought, gee. A mango? Here? and picked it up, turned it over and spied a sticker with a farm name and a “Product of Mexico” on it. So much for buying local.

Enough about that.

We go on vacation in 4 days and I’m kind of starting to panic. James keeps pointing out that we need to pack and I resist, but finally it’s sunk in – um.. we’re going somewhere and we need to PACK. For 2 children. Clothes, soap, bath toys, shampoo, diapers, toothbrushes, pillows, blankies, pookie bears and Baby, bed rails, and maybe a pack and play (we still have it -SHEW!) and OMG the BEACH – camp chairs, and beach toys and beach towels and sun screen and swim suits and a wagon to haul it all to the beach with and hully gee I haven’t even gotten to the driving in the car for 8 hours part. Or my own need for underwear and deodorant and floss and flip flops.

It’s a good thing we’re going on vacation because I’m going to need one just from all the packing!

I had soy milk on the packing list. Now I’m wondering if I should take it off.

– amy is very good at running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

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  1. hazynutson 15 Aug 2006 at 1:44 am

    i’ve been worrying about the soy milk, too. my friend’s nine-year-old daughter is getting pubic hair and my friend thinks it was all the soy. her daughter had a dairy allergy, too. my daughter gets eczema when she has too much dairy, so we switched her cow’s milk to soy about a year ago. she loves the stuff. one suggestion was to use rice or oat milk, but the sugars in those far outweigh the proteins – might as well just have juice in that case. cow’s milk has all sorts of extras, too, even when organic and no rbst. why can’t it be simple?

  2. annabelleon 15 Aug 2006 at 9:53 am

    I’ve read that one of the reasons for puberty starting earlier is better nutrition and a fattier diet. Don’t remember where or even when I read it, so take it with a big ole grain of salt.

    When I was growing up the kid next door was allergic to milk. 25 years ago you couldn’t go to the grocery store and buy soy milk (at least not in Mississippi), so I believe he used orange juice and apple juice in place of milk in his cereal. Cheerios floating in orange juice, anyone? I realize I’ve got no room to talk about others people’s food habits since it was revealed at dinner last night that my #1 comfort food to help me fall asleep is pickles and milk.

  3. gamer-geekon 15 Aug 2006 at 2:28 pm

    Well, my brief search didnt’ turn up the “medical community’s” views on early onset / “precocious” puberty, which I’m certain I’ve read somewhere before as well, but there do seem to be alot of reactionary articles talking about hormones in the food supply (not just soy, but beef etc) as well as other chemical effects. However you look at it “modern life” is contributing to this effect in some way or another. But isn’t this just our first step to becoming big-headed hyper-intelligent beings? 🙂

    Re: orange juice and cereal: generally not bad from the times I’ve done it. MUCH sweeter and I wouldn’t suggest it for cocoa puffs or peanut butter cap’n crunch or anything.