Nov 08 2006

will you please just make me stop talking about CLOTHES?

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I don’t understand it.

It seems like I buy the kids clothes all the time. But Jocelyn has nothing to wear.

Last Friday, I thought it was because it was all dirty. But this weekend we’ve managed to cycle all but one load (and it’s whites, towels and dish/washclothes and things, not many clothes) through, and it’s all piled up on our bed. And tuesday morning? I rumaged through it, and found – NOTHING! The girl only has like, 3 shirts! I had to put Ethan’s sweater on her! It was the sweater I made him wear for school picture day, and he hates it. He saw me putting it on her, and instantly said, “She can wear my sweater mommy! It’s OK by me!” No kidding, sherlock.

Also.. at the end of the summer, I bought Jocelyn a few pairs of pants. 2T. Which are now (only 3 months later) way too small. They don’t really want to button around her big baby-tummy (babies have the cutest huge tummies. Jocelyn has still got hers. We used to call them frog-tummies), and she’s showing off her ankles to the cold elements, because they’re too short.

When she was a baby, I tried to cycle in some of Ethan’s too-small clothes into her wardrobe, but I soon stopped doing that, because not only is she NOT a boy, but she really does like *shudder* pink and girly things (i don’t mind the girly. just the pink). I do it with the non-gender things though, like jeans.

However, when James puts the laundry away (NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING!) he sometimes looks at something and still assumes it’s Ethan’s without looking at the size tag.

And then we have this:

It’s hard to tell how SHORT these are on him, so we tried a few different poses:

I should have gotten a shot of him in the car, sitting in his carseat, which made them rise up to his shins.


So, along with my stinky tarty school marm shoes, I got some new pants a week or so ago. I took a look at my closet and realized that it was mostly skirts, and I need some more pants to through into the mix. I like flirty skirts, but not EVERY day. So I got me 3 pairs of nice pants, and since I have my tarty school marm shoes with the high heels, I got them long. They’d be too long with normal shoes, but with the shoes, they’re just about 1-1 1/2 inches from the ground. They are very swishy and make me feel oh so grown up. Which is important when you need to convince other people that you are grown up and don’t fantasize about doing cartwheels down the hallway at work. Oh no, not ME. I’m grown up! See? I have the pants to prove it! Too bad I shoot it all to hell coming in on casual Friday with jeans, flip-flops and a Seattle Opera t-shirt.

So, anyway. One pair in particular have a very wide leg, and are possibly a smidge TOO long. Because of this, I think of that movie, “House of Flying Daggers” where in the fan dance (at least in the commercials, i haven’t seen it) the girl has to like, toss her huge long kimono sleeve out away from her body like a yo-yo. and then pull it back in to her body to do it again and again and again.

Those are my pants. Yo-yo flying dagger pants. One step, out they go! SWISH! Other leg comes forward, it’s their turn! SWISH! yeah, you don’t want to be in my head when I’m wearing these pants. It’s like I’m a gay man with all that SWISHING.

I just had a discussion with james on whether it is normal to give as many little names to objects and people as I do. Can you say stinky tarty school marm shoes? Can you say yo-yo flying dagger pants?

He said, No. Not normal. You are a freak.

I said, I don’t care… Borg-boy.


Our internet was out all day today, and some of last night too. The first part of this post was actually meant to be posted last night. But no inkernet. Sniff. Since all our mail and websites and domains and databases and file servers and kitchen sinks and kittens and puppies are hosted right on computers in our basement (heretoforE known as “james’ borg collective”), if our basement has no internet connection, well, not only can we not look at stuff on the internet, well, no one can look at us! or email us! or wash their hands in our kitchen sink! or pet a kitty or puppy! ok, not those last things, but you get the general frustrating idea.

so our interweb connection is back up now, and thank god, because all the bits and bobs coming through the series of tubes was sorely missed!


Um. Frak.

Never mind.. I changed my mind. Maybe tomorrow.


-amy breathes a sigh of relief ahhhhhhhhhhhh interweb sooooo goooooooood

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