Nov 06 2006

No NaBloPoMo

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I was thinking about participating in NaBloPoMo. National Blog Posting Month, where you try to post something every day. I’m all for it, but was a little bit uncertain about my ability to do it. I thought, well, I will try to do it, and we’ll see how it goes, but I’m not going to make myself a slave or anything. As you can see this weekend, I didn’t post, so there goes that. Oh well.

I got my sewing machine back this weekend, and I’m excited to start some projects and finish up some others. The problem is, I have to pretty much work on the kitchen table, which of course, we need to eat at. when I was doing Jocelyn’s costume, we ate in the living room in front of the TV a few times, which is never a good precedent to set. So I was thinking about this problem, and suggested to James that maybe I could move my computer (which is in our guest room) downstairs to a corner of his office, which would free up the table which I could then move downstairs and use as a work table. He laughed. His office is a mess. I laughed too. Then we packed up the kids and went to Ikea to get another table. Ethan was very excited. He loves Ikea. When we were on vacation at the beach in CT, one morning I asked him what he thought we should do that day, and he said “LET’S GO TO IKEA!!!” So we went. Balls were played in. Pictures colored. Little play houses played in. Items obtained in the warehouse. I’m a big dumb, however. I got little storage shelvey thingees to use to support either side of the table top instead of legs… but I forget to get 2 of them. So I’ll have to go back and get another one. Ethan will be so happy.
Jocelyn amazing me sometimes. OK, all the time. but this was one time specifically.

It was a weekend morning in the past week or so, and I was downstairs with the kids while James showered and got ready upstairs. I was doing something on my computer. Ethan and Jocelyn were playing by themselves remarkably well, Ethan engrossed in some construction project, and Jocelyn busy “going to work! see you next week!” with her dolly and her stroller. Soon Jocelyn started checking in with me, requiring my input.

“Look at dolly, mommy! She’s wearing a cowgirl hat!”

“She sure is, what a great cow-girl!”

Attention back to computer. This went on for a few minutes, and then Jocelyn started playing with a train. You push down a certain part of it, and then it will zoom forward. She was enthralled and wanted me to be enthralled too.

“Come see Thomas, mommy!” (all trains are thomas to her)

“Maybe in a minute honey, I’m trying to do some work.”

She kept playing for a minute or two, and then I looked up to see her standing quietly at the side of the couch looking at me.

“Can you not work now mommy?” she said. And then I died from the cuteness. She said it so politely, and so ernestly. She wanted me to stop working and come play with her.

“I sure can, sweetie.” I closed the computer and went to see just what this Thomas train could do.

This is why I’m glad I didn’t do any committing to NaBloPoMo.

I sure can go and play.


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