Jan 17 2007

more from the weekend

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Monday James and I both had the day off of work, but the kids’ school was still open. We took them to school, and had ourselves a lovely day off, just the two of us. So we are bad parents. At least, I am. I asked james if he felt guilty, and he replied, “Hell no!” I however, felt a bit guilty. James pointed out that they have fun at school, but still, they’d have had fun at home too. I know they would have much rather been home than at school.

So what did we do?

Plan A: Spend the day working on getting the laminate floor in the basement laid, as it’s been lingering for some time now (mmm.. 4 months, I think)

Plan B: Go see a movie, go out to lunch, laze about feeding each other grapes and doing things which we can never do with 2 little hooligans running amok in the house.

Can you guess which one we did?

It was actually Plan C. We went out to lunch, but didn’t make it to a movie, all the times were a bit off, and there was nothing we really were dying to see. The morning I spent sewing, and James spent watching TV and working on his computer. Then I decided to pamper myself and went and got a pedicure. I also got all unwanted hair on my face ripped off while it was stuck to some wax and paper. Ouch. I should have done that FIRST, and THEN did the pedicure. In the massage chair. It was heaven.

Then we went to lunch at the Rio Grande, and stopped in at Penn Camera to see if they had any camera bags or used flashes and generally oogled at everything. Stopped at Best Buy. More oogling.

Then we came home and lazed about some more. I got a lot of the laundry done, which made me happy. I was glad to see the kids, but by then, I was also starting to feel sick in earnest. Bummer. I was considering not going to work yesterday, but as I didn’t feel any worse, decided I really wasn’t sick enough to skip work. Today though, I am working from home. I see no need to subject everyone at the office to my germs and hacking dibilitating cough.


My folks gave me a fancy atomic alarm clock for Christmas. It is fancy, because not only does it update the time automatically (this is the atomic part), it projects the time and temperature up onto the ceiling. So even I, nearsighted though I am, can just look up and read it in the middle of the night on the ceiling above our bed. (It was 62 degrees last night at MIDNIGHT. WINTER, WHERE ART THOU??)

I haven’t had the projector part working until Monday night, as I had to pull our bed back and plug in a power strip to get more outlets.

But now, it’s working, and I must say, it’s pretty cool. My fear was that w/out my contacts/glasses, I would just look up and see a red fuzzy blur on the ceiling, but it was big enough that I can make it out. Very cool. It projects all the time, but the room has to be very dark to see it.

Now I have to figure out how to turn off the alarm, because after hitting snooze every 5 minutes this morning, for a half hour, James was about ready to divorce me.


I have been SWAPPED for the mini swap done by Mommy Coddle, and have exchanged emails with my swap partner, another Amy, also with 2 kids, Chloe, 5, and Hannah 18 months. Amy sent me a picture of her girls, who are TOO darling for words.

I told Ethan and Jocelyn all about the swap, which is a lot harder than one might think. “No, we don’t know them. I signed us up for a swap. On the internet. On the computer.” *blank stares* Jocelyn is still kind of confused. When we said we were going to dinner, she exclaimed, “And we’ll meet Chloe and Hannah there!!!” I keep having to tell her that “no, we’re not going to meet Chloe and Hannah. They’re going to send US a package, and we’re going to send THEM a package.”

James got a box out for our swapping needs, and Ethan has already drawn 2 pictures and put them in the box that we’ll be sending. I’m just so pleased with how excited both of them are, and they’ve been so imaginative on what we could send in the package “to our SWAP GIRLS!” We also went to target and bought a globe so that we could look where “our swap girls” are located. It will also come in handy for the postcard swap we signed up for that Zhinka Dinka Doo is organizing.

Swapping is such fun, if a little tricky to explain. Strangers hooking up on the internet is a tricky concept for the 2- and 4-year-old set 🙂

And once again, I’m stopping before I get TOO longwinded. (I hear the Clue-ish calls of, “TOO LATE!” from the audience. Shoosh, audience.)

But tomorrow, I’m going to tell you all about COOKIES.

-like a good neighbor, amy is there (here)

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