Jan 17 2007

last night

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the living room.

our heros, amy and james are sitting in their respective seats, laptops on lap. TV is on, but paused in front of them, and has been for some time.

The silence broken only by the sound of keyboards clicking now and then.

amy: *frown*

amy: “Are we out of internet?”

james: *click click*

james: “I beleive we are out of internet.”

amy: “Hmm. Funny, there’s still a teeny bit left. Enough for me to click on stuff in gmail.”

james: That IS odd.

amy: “Oop. Nope. It’s gone now.”

james: “We’ll have to pick up some more internet tommorrow.”

amy: “I can stop on my way home from work.”

james: “Ok.”


a few minutes later, but now, james is watching a show via the xbox. the file he is watching is located downstairs on his desktop computer.

tv: *video is lagging strangely from the sound*

amy: is it supposed to be like that?

james: no.. are you transfering any files or something?

amy: Nope.

james: Looks like we’re out of network too.

amy: Ok. I’ll pick up some of that too.

-end scene-

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