Feb 26 2007

week of catchup #1 – mini swap goodness

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Since I’ve been *ahem* dead to the blog for, oh, 2 weeks now, I figured I would play catchup, because there has been stuff happening in this household, yeah! I wouldn’t want you to think that just because I haven’t written, nothing has happened, because .. well, you’d be wrong. So I’m going to take this week to try to play catchup as a way to get back in the swing of things.

First off, we got our swap package! and we sent our swap package! And oh my goodness, do these kids love everything they got!

this tutu is so beautiful. Jocelyn would wear it EVERYWHERE, including into the bathtub if we let her.

i mean, just look at these sweet little roses:

Jocelyn also received a little crocheted bag with a cinderella figure inside. It’s been over 2 weeks now since we’ve received the package, and she is still carrying it around everywhere. This evening as we were cleaning up, I asked her to put her cinderella away, and she trotted ALL over the main level, looking for her “cinderella purse!” She also went up to Ethan’s make-a-long boy doll, Aidan, and said, “Hi Aidan! I’m Cinderella! I’m soooooooo tiny!” while moving the little figure about, to show that she’s talking.

by the way, unrelated to anything swap related, this is what we call “crazy hair!”

Ethan has been pretty happy with the items destined for him as well. He received this cute little vintage car, which he loves to drive around on his road rug. The doors and the trunk open and close.

He also received a couple of calendars with vintage cars for each month. He loves to go through them and point out which ones look like Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson. The calendars came with little stickers that one would normally use to stick on the calendar as a reminder for various events and/or appointments… Ethan has commandeered them and pasted them all over his car.

This item was meant for Ethan and Jocelyn both, but Ethan hardly gave Jocelyn a moment with it (which she didn’t really mind. She was too busy twirling) It didn’t take him long before he could “fly” his way to all the landmarks on the globe. He loves to settle down and fly all over the globe. Sometimes, he drives his car on the globe too.

We received a few other items too, but these are definitely the favorites… and the only ones I got pictures of.
Thank you and your girls so much, Amy!

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  1. Chrison 26 Feb 2007 at 10:06 am

    That globe thing is awesome. I want one! 😉