Apr 03 2007

pink 2 (and final pink)

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So I thought I’d do it all over, and first lighten the roots so that it would “take.”

So, I bought some lightener.. started on the roots.. and well, I quickly mixed the bleach in all over, not just on the roots. What can I say.. it all kind of snowballed. I got enthusiastic! I didn’t go SO crazy as to leave it in for very long.. 20 minutes was PLENTY, and after I rinsed the bleach out and blew it dry, it was scary, I tell you, SCARY!

However, the pink went on much better in round 2. Very pink. Very vibrant.

So here we are, Pink 2 (otherwise known as “final” pink or PINK!):



I’m still kind of processing my own thoughts on it. I was a little aghast after seeing the results of Pink 2. I mean, pink 1 was nice and all, but pink 2 is hardcore. Pink 2 is not kidding around. Pink 2 isn’t all mimsy pimsy about being pink, it is all pink, all the time, and it is not ANYTHING else! I wasn’t sure how I felt about being that hardcore pink. However, after a day of being PINK! and getting all kinds of reactions (all surprisingly very very positive!) the PINK! is growing on me 🙂

the #1 question is, why? the easiest answer is why not? or I thought it would be fun. Which is true 🙂 But a more honest answer is probably that I felt like I needed a change, something to jolt me in people’s perceptions of surburban working mom.. I think I needed to jolt myself as well. Sometimes, you need a little jolt, don’t you think?

I’m keeping it for at least a week, to see how it goes, if it fades or sticks around, and then I’ll reevaluate. I don’t think I’ll be a pink haired mom forever, and last night, I was pretty sure a week sounded like a bit too long.. but tonight I feel like I could be PINK! for a whole month 🙂 I guess we’ll see.

-pink amy doesn’t really even like pink that much.

ps: the “category” is “amy’s head.” get it? it’s literally amy’s head!!!

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3 Responses to “pink 2 (and final pink)”

  1. Tamaraon 03 Apr 2007 at 11:51 am

    Its like you are a real life My Little Pony! Pink Pony Pancoast! Even though you are a sanders, Pink Pony sanders just isnt as catchy!

  2. chrison 03 Apr 2007 at 2:54 pm

    now, _that’s_ some kinda pink. you go!

  3. chrison 03 Apr 2007 at 2:54 pm

    oh, i like, btw 🙂