Jun 11 2007


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Jocelyn loves band-aids. I blame the band-aid makers who put strawberry shortcake, hello kitty and characters from the movie “Cars” on them.

kotex product
I can’t really blame her. I totally buy this brand of feminine hardware because of the pretty poppies on the box. I’m a sucker for poppies.

She knows that she gets one when she gets hurt.

As such, whenever she even bumps into anything, she will tearfully declare, “I need a band-aid!!”

Therefore, we’ve instigated the “bleeding” rule. If it’s not bleeding, you don’t need a band-aid.

When we were camping, there was a lot of running around full tilt with exposed elbows and knees on hard surfaces, like gravel. And red rocks.

jocelyn at arches national park

LOOK at all that skin! Of course there were going to be some scrapes!

A lot of the time, the kids were also pretty tired and grumpy. This was due to the jet lag (2 hr difference), staying up way later than their usual bedtime (campfires are so cool, and i need to stay up and burn marshmellows i will never eat!), getting up with the sun, and not napping.

So when Jocelyn fell and bruised herself (which happened about 26 BAJILLION TIMES), there were a few times I relaxed the very strict ‘bleeding’ rules about bandaids.

This is the reason she loves the bandaids.

jocelyn bandaid over mouth

jocelyn bandaid over nose

jocelyn bandaid over nose

jocelyn bandaid on forehead

The day before we left, she took a really bad spill and scraped up both legs, both elbows, her forehead, and even got a cut (which bled) on her nose. She felt so banged up that she actually refused to walk the rest of that evening and the next morning. (I was getting worried, but then she started to run around, though somewhat gingerly.)

A record was broken, because those bandaids, she left in place for TWO WHOLE DAYS before pulling them off and sticking them all over her body.

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