Jul 10 2007

peter pan

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i’m working at home today, with Jocelyn* at my side. Peter Pan The Tinker Bell movie is on, and Jocelyn is watching it with wide very attentive eyes.

She turns to me,

“Mommy. I want you to show me how to fly.”

I told her we would need to have pixie dust for that, so unfortunately, we’re stuck.

Now she’s watching and every now and then she says, “I don’t have dust. We need a fairy for dust.”

*She had a mystery fever yesterday evening that we think might be heat exhaustion or just being overheated.. I was staying home today anyway because my car? after it comes to a stop and I turn off the engine? Well, the coolant in the coolant reservoir starts to boil. It stops again if you turn on the engine (which we did to see if the fan was working). Odd, eh? It’s at the shop being poked and prodded, which I’m sure will cost us an obscene amount of money. Oh Honda Civic Hybrid, how I long to own thee!

-amy will throw you to the crocodiles

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  1. annaon 10 Jul 2007 at 9:35 am

    She’s going to be searching every where for fairies. Hopefully she’s feeling better already.

    I hope your car has nothing seriously wrong with it. Our car started doing that and it wasn’t cheap. The mechanics at a jeep dealership had put in the incorrect type of coolant/anti-freeze. Unfortunately they did it in November and we didn’t find out until the car overheated in May, while we were out of town. Fun times.