Jul 11 2007

a day with jocelyn

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Yesterday was fun. I was working, and Jocelyn was able to play pretty well by herself. It was interesting just to watch her. Ethan always settles down with his boy toys (legos, cars, transformers, construction machines, you name it) and will play while usually stating every 5 minutes, “Come play with me mommy!” It gets pretty old.


Jocelyn is different. She has never known a life of just playing on her own. Her brother or her schoolmates are always there. I’m not saying she’s NEVER played alone, but it just isn’t a common occurence. First she kind of wanders around, sometimes taking my suggestions, “What’s that? I think Julie is crying! (her doll) I think she needs her breakfast!” (Jocelyn scampers off to attend to Julie) sometimes not. She loves to dress up, and so at one point she had on her poofy pink dress up dress on, a pair of swimming goggles on her forehead like a headband, and was kicking a soccer ball over the house while wearing a pair of dress up shoes, which I just loved. (And yet did not grab a picture of, doh!)

Probably more than 5 times, she said, “Let’s go get my brother,” and I had to tell her that it wasn’t time yet. She just wasn’t quite sure what she was supposed to do all by herself. She always follows Ethan’s lead and she missed him. She also insisted that I stop calling her Jocelyn. For about an hour she was Cinderella, but then for the rest of the day she wanted to be called Ariel.

arial mylar balloon pinned to jocelyn's wall

She was doing good at naptime (during which she took off all her clothes and put on Ethan’s, including his underwear, and then climbed into his bed to snuggle in) until the auto shop called and said my car was ready. They also said they could pick me up. So no nap for her.

jocelyn in ethan's clothes

I’d been kicking around the idea of a combination ballet/tap summer dance class for her because a) she is always always dancing. dancing and singing, that’s my girl, and b) loves loves to dress up and twirl around and c) hello! a dance class! for toddlers! need I say more, SHE WILL LOVE IT! So after we picked up the car, we went to target to check out their supply of leotards and tights (too big on both counts) and then went to the dance center in our community to sign her up.

jocelyn twirling

Class starts TODAY, so we went from there to pick up Ethan and then to a dance shop in Manassas to get our supplies. The dance center said that since it was just a summer 6 week class, the cheap tap & ballet shoes from wal-mart would suffice. I don’t shop at Wal-mart, but I also didn’t want to pay out the nose for supplies for a 6 week dance class. I broke down and called them to see they actually had tap & ballet shoes, and they said they used to carry them, but now didn’t. I also called k-mart and target, and no dice. So we went to the very nice dance boutique and got Jocelyn real pink leather ballet shoes and sweet little white tap shoes. I’m glad I didn’t have to step foot into wal-mart, to tell the truth.

The nice lady got her fitted with shoes while Ethan found the stash of toys in the corner and kept himself busy. Jocelyn stood on the square of hard floor in front of the mirror and watched herself stomping and tapping and clicking her tap shoes with a look of utter delight on her face. We picked up her tights and leotard from there too. Now that she has real stuff instead of cheap fake stuff, maybe we’ll do a session or two of dance during the year as well.

When I was a little girl, for one of my birthday parties, we had a dancing theme. I remember my mom made tutus for all my friends and we all danced around to Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical.” I also remember when I got my first pair of ballet shoes. I wasn’t in ballet. I did take ballet (and modern dance, and gymnastics) years later when I was about 10, but my first pair of ballet shoes my mom ordered for me from a catalog when I was 4 or 5. I remember the day they came, and putting them on with my leotard and long pink tutu.. my mom says I hardly ever took them off. She said I was dancing all the time.. dancing and singing. I wonder where Jocelyn gets it from 🙂

jocelyn dress up dress

This morning Jocelyn excitedly told Ethan, “Today is my dancing class!!”

I hope it will be a hit. I want to stay and watch the class (at least the first one!) but am torn because I know Ethan won’t be able to sit still for an hour. I guess we’ll see how it goes. I should have put a movie on my video ipod.

ps – the mystery fever is gone, but there is a notice up on her classroom door saying how hand foot mouth disease has been spotted in her class. GREAT. I don’t think that’s what she had, but now I’m just hoping she doesn’t catch it!

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  1. Heatheron 11 Jul 2007 at 12:15 pm

    I agree there’s allot more that Wal*Mart could do. I can say that their working environement is far better than stores such as k-mart. They get way more negative publicity than positive. They offer benefits for part-time employees as well as full time. And 34-40 hours is considered full time. Find another retailer that offers that. They also regularly review wages from other retailers in their area and adjust their associates wages to maintain a competative wage. I’m sure I could dig up all kinds of great stuff about Wal*Mart, but why waste my time.

    I’m highly impressed with their “sustainability” vision.


    Not impressed with their hesitance to go further into organic food.

    Wal*Mart employs more people than the United States Army, and they are encouraging each associate to do all they can to reduce their impact on the environement. If you ask me they’re going to campaign themselves right out of business. Reducing your impact on the environement means consuming less of the crap that nobody really needs, and is sold in mass quantities at retailers across the country such as Wal*Mart, K-Mart, & Target.

    I’m holding back really! I hate it when people rant, so I’ll stop now.

    Isn’t it great seeing a little bit of yourself in your children. I love it when my kids do or say things that remind me of myself…. well except when it’s something I don’t like about myself.

  2. raineon 11 Jul 2007 at 2:07 pm

    I am pretty impressed with their green program. Treehugger has commented quite a bit on that (all good). But they still have a big list of problems as well.

  3. Lindaon 14 Jul 2007 at 1:53 am

    If you had shopped at Wal-Mart I would have had to seriously re-evaluate our friendship.
    And by the way, previous commenter, I can in fact name you another retailer that does that: Borders. And they do it without censoring artists, employing sweatshop labor, and crawling in bed with rightwing psycho political factions that find Margaret from Dennis the Menace offensive and “against family values” for saying a woman will someday be president.
    Anyyway, but the reason I stopped by comment land is because YEAh! hELL YEAH! Yay for Jocelyn and dancing and dance class and yeah yeah yeah!!!!