Dec 30 2010

Early morning bed party snuggles

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This morning I created a monster.

Well, 2 monsters, really.

Every morning (unless we’re on the ball and up and rarin’ to go — yeah, not usually happening!) when I hear a kid stirring, I give our family whistle, and wait to see if a little blur comes running into our room. After a few whistles, we usually have 2 little hot water bottles climb into bed with us for a little morning snuggle.

This morning, I heard Jocelyn in her room, gave the whistle, and sure enough, soon she had bulleted right into bed between James and I.

I needed to get up and get in the shower, but I REALLY didn’t want to.

So I said, “OK, I need to get up.”

And did nothing. While Jocelyn laid next to me.

“Psst. Jocelyn.” I stage whispered.

“What?” she whispered back.

“When I say ‘I need to get up’, you say, ‘NOOOOO!’ and throw your arm over me so I can’t get up!”

She giggled and whispered back, “OK! Do it, Mommy, do it!”

I returned to a normal voice, albeit a bit more dramatic than usual, and declared, “OK! I need to get up!” and didn’t move.

“Noooo!” Jocelyn squealed, and threw her arms around me in a giggly snuggle.

“Oh Dear! I can’t seem to get up out of bed! OH WELL!” I declared, and snuggled with her some more.

Ethan was quickly coached when he arrived minutes later, and we spent a happy 10 minutes with James and I declaring loudly that we really MUST get up, and being grabbed with laughing “NOOOO!”‘s to stop us from doing so. Then they would declare THEY had to get up, and we would grab them and declare “NEVER!”

Much fun was had by all. However, the hour grew late. So when I REALLY DID HAAAAAVE to get up, I had to resort to deceit and trickery.

I looked at my husband.



James blinked and then got it, and said loudly, “OK I HAVE TO GET UP!”

They pounced on him, and I managed to slip out of bed and hop into the shower.

Happy New Years to you and yours! May you always have someone(s) in your bed trying to keep you in their snuggles.


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  1. Kurton 31 Dec 2010 at 9:20 am

    That’s awesome!