Apr 14 2011

Fun with boxes

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These pictures are pretty old now, but better late than never!

We had my brother and his family come visit us a few weeks ago. The weekend after they came, we were having the entire house interior painted, so the house was either scary “you’ve been robbed!” clean, or a mass of migraine inducing “a twister came through here!” messy (the basement).

We boxed up a lot of stuff, and had a lot of boxes around which the kids LOVED. Ethan, Jocelyn, cousin Kade & Eric built a massive box fort which sadly, I didn’t get a picture of. But I did get pictures of Elizabeth, the adorable almost 2 year old!


Look! A box!


Hmmm, something inside that box pushed it over! What could it be?


An Elizabeth?


Yup, it’s an Elizabeth!

She also likes to model Spy Gear Night Vision Goggles:


She wasn’t the only one that likes to play in the box.





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