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Oct 15 2007

the chairs I’m re-upholstering

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recovering them in this:


Ahhhh it’s good to finally get pictures off the camera and posted.

So, I’m recovering them, yes. What I’m not sure about, is if I want to do anything to the wood..

Options: do a darker stain, do a color (instead of a stain), or do an outrageous color (bright red comes to mind).

OR… I could leave it. Which I am inclined to do, because honestly, I quite like the color as it is!

Some other chair redos i’ve seen around design blog-land:

absolutely beautiful things:

steamed artichoke studio:


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Oct 14 2007

closing in on a paint color

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We needed some test swatches on the wall downstairs.

First things first — Volunteers. Luckily, I had two.

Secondly, smocks. Luckily, Daddy had plenty of old tshirts he didn’t mind donating to the cause.

Thirdly… well, there is no thirdly, they just got right down to it!

The colors don’t look anything like this. Just letting you know.

We have narrowed it down (it’s like the a lighter version of the 3rd box), and purchased paint. Taping is finished, spackling and sanding is next.

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Oct 13 2007

quilt for jocelyn

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um…. I guess I am giving myself another hole in the head.

Because I wanna make a quilt for Jocelyn! Wheeee!! It all started because Ethan has a very thick, flannel blanket, that he calls his “warm blankey.” It’s very simple, just 2 pieces of flanel sewn together with a very very thick batting in between, not even quilted, just tied off with yarn.

Jocelyn is not so good with keeping the blankies on her. She just seems to run a little hot (gets hot easily), while Ethan runs cool and loves to be WARM (this is the boy who wanted to wear long sleeves in JULY). So she often kicks off the blankets in the night, and while that was fine in the summer, it’s getting colder now, and this morning when she climbed into bed with us her poor little limbs were so chilly.

I’ve tried to teach her how to sit up and pull her blankets over her in the night if she’s cold, but whenever I check on her, she is always curled up into a little ball with nary a blankey in sight.

So I thought I’d make her a big warm blanket similar to Ethan’s, only bigger, so that it falls over the sides of her bed (harder for her to wiggle out of!)

She requested “Pink, mommy. Pink.”

So I must oblige! I had a fabric in my stash that I just love love love and bought with the intention of making a blanket for her with “someday” .. well, today seems to be someday! Hmm.. but it’s not flannel.

Well, no matter, I’ll just make it nice and thick and warm, doesn’t have to be flannel for that, right? I got to thinking how to use this fabric and thought that a simple quilt with square blocks would be just the thing, maybe some more pinks and a couple greens to set it off – what could be sweeter than pink and green?

Here are the fabrics I bought today, along with the one I already had (the first one), piled onto my scanner. The top two are making me crazy with love. All of them really, but those two especially:


I mapped a sample out just to get an idea of what it would look like — the squares aren’t super representative of what it would look in an actual quilt, since in the picture, the fabric squares are actually only about 2 inches of fabric when in actuality the squares would be double or triple that, so the pattern is kind of missing … but it’s enough to give you the idea.

quilt mock up

I’m loving the pink and green. Maybe a white fabric to toss in very sparsely as well would look good?

So I was thinking about the finished product, and I am not pre-washing any of the fabrics, as I am hoping it will shrink up and give it that nice, puckered vintage feel — but to get that, it will have to be quilted, not tied off (like Ethan’s is) and will need a thinner batting (rather than the super thick warm batting Ethan’s has)…

Wait a second here..

original idea:

  • quick,
  • tied off,
  • thick,
  • warm,
  • flannel,
  • big.

Um… project has morphed into:

  • quick pieced squares,
  • tied off quilted, maybe even machine quilted,
  • thick, thin and puckery/vintagey
  • warm — thin can still be warm!,
  • flannel quilting cotten,
  • big.


Well, I don’t care. It’s going to be fabulous!

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Oct 11 2007

cute kid story: language cuteness

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Ethan’s soccer team’s name is, “LIGHTNING”.

Jocelyn’s soccer team is the “POWER RANGERS”.*

We spend about half of each saturday cheering on these two teams. Even when it’s Jocelyn’s game, she is not on the field at all times. and thus, she is also cheering on her own team at times, and ditto for Ethan.

Yesterday on our way home from school:

Jocelyn: “I’m on team GO POWER RANGERS and Ethan is on team GO LIGHTNING!”

*I changed the “is” in that sentence to “are” and then back again about 10 times. And I’m still not sure I got it right. Fairly sure. But not certain. The noun is singular. So the verb is singular. Right? Right.


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Oct 11 2007

soccer girl

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I *knew* you were saying to yourself, “Amy, you haven’t posted any photos in a long long time!”

So I took a blurry camera phone picture.


blurry jocelyn soccer


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Oct 09 2007

it’s not a toom-uh!

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Friday night, the right side of my chin became red, very splotchy, and VERY painful. In … about a 1 inch diameter. Now, don’t hate me (because I’m beautiful), but I don’t get zits. Not really. I am blessed with my mother’s gorgeous skin. Once in a blue moon a small delicate zit may make an appearance along my forehead, and once in like, every 5 blue moons I may get a real doozy on my nose, but generally speaking, zits stay away from me.

So this eruption broiling and festering DEEP DEEP DEEP below the surface caused me great anguish.

Zit cream was purchased. Squishing commenced. I know! I know! You have to WAIT to squeeze a zit! There is a proper time and place, and while it is still broiling deep under the surface, that’s not the time! You have to wait until the lava of pus and goo make an appearance on the surface, in the appearance of that little white head. But in the evening, as I sat on my bed peering into my 3x magnification face mirror (lighted! every woman needs a mirror like this), I could NOT HELP MYSELF. I poked. and I squished. Just a little bit. Then I faithfully dabbed on my zit cream and went to bed.

As I said, I don’t get zits. And the size and magnitude of this… this…. well, I just have to come out and say it, I am forced to believe that this was an alien life form that had somehow gotten under my skin and was incubating there until the mother ship gave it the signal to erupt and take over the planet earth, … this THING that was happening to my face, I was convinced was not a zit. I told James approximately 1,376 times over the weekend that I was going to have to see a doctor about this, where I was positive they would have open it up, excavate, and then re-terraform my face back to it’s normal appearance.

James scoffed, laughed and said, “It’ll be ready to pop in a day or two.”

Monday dawned. Columbus day. We were awful parents brilliant people and took the kids in to school while taking the day off for ourselves and wandered around museums in DC. The pain had faded a bit, I’m sure because I finally was firm with myself to STOP SQUEEZING IT ALREADY! and the full 1 inch diameter had shrunk down. The THING was now hard and concise, like a dried pea under the skin. I felt vindicated. This is NOT A ZIT. NO ZITS BEHAVE THIS WAY. I called my mom and of course, explained to her in great detail my facial disfiguration, and she immediately said, “Go to the dermatologist.”

I immediately turned to James and said, “HA! SHE AGREES WITH ME!”

By the end of the day, he finally admitted that he agreed with me too. This was no run of the mill zit we were talking about.

I was pretty sure it was something caused by an ingrown hair.

So long story short (TOO LATE!) I went to a dermatologist during my lunch hour today. They gave me an injection (can’t remember what it was. steroids? cortizone?) right into the little incubating alien (they called it a cyst caused by either a pimple or an ingrown hair, too similar to tell) and prescribed an oral antibiotic.

I can’t wait until the little guy is aborted already and gone off my face.

I also wish I had taken a picture of my face every day since it started. I thought of doing that, but then dismissed it as being too gross. I should have just done it, because now I want PROOF OF MY DISFIGUREMENT. It’s a little red now, but ever since Monday, doesn’t actually LOOK that scary (not like it did Saturday, oh MY). Also, just looking at me, you can’t tell there’s a hard little pea under the skin. That kind of grossness is a tactile experience.


I just thought I’d fill you in on the first dermatological visit of my life. I have to go back in 3 weeks to make sure the alien is gone.

I’ve named it Fred. Please join me in wishing Fred to evacuate the chin area… permanently.

.. At the very least, let’s hope he leaves before the mother ship gives him the signal and planet earth is dhoomed.

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Oct 07 2007

I Suck or How I Failed My Daughter or How I Came To My Right Senses (all depending on how you look at it)

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… but not really.

Remember all the big talk about making Jocelyn a Belle costume for halloween?

Well, I read the directions, washed the fabric, read the directions, ironed the fabric, read the directions, read the directions, read the directions, cut out the pattern pieces, ironed the pattern pieces, read the directions, pulled out the leaf in my kitchen table, and then read the directions, before I tried to cut this sucker out…

And really felt crappy when I put 2 pieces together that were supposed to be exactly identical, and were SO SO NOT.

This fabric is super slippery and the damn stuff must have STRETCHED and I thought about the 137 more pieces I still had to go and … well..

.. I pitched in the towel.

I suck.

Honestly, I think I just bit off way more than I can chew – I have never made an article of clothing from a pattern before, and it was pretty foolish of me to pick this one to start with.

I broke the news to Jocelyn and she wasn’t happy. (It was not smart of me to do this as she was recovering from an “owie” in my lap, and was already in the grump mode, but she came around when I said we could go and pick out a costume this very evening, after we cleaned up.

Normally, I’m not exactly speedy on following through on these sorts of things, but I made sure we did. The kids cleaned up the toy room, and then by god I got us to Costco, where she selected a costume. She has spent the half hour before dinner prancing around in her new Sleeping Beauty costume, cried when she had to take it off for dinner. Ethan has had his Clone Trooper outfit for a while now, and he joined in the costumey fun as well. After dinner, Jocelyn promptly stripped off all her clothes and donned her new costume anew.

I think she’ll survive not having a costume her mommy made.

So yeah, I am disappointed that I had to give up my delusions of grandeur, and that I have SIX YARDS of this shiny polyester yellow fabric (in case you don’t sew, THAT’S 18 FEET LONG, 45″ in width.) It didn’t cost too much, and I have plans to at LEAST make her a simple dress up twirly skirt out of it, but that will still probably leave me 4 yards left.

I’m sure we’ll think of something.

Anyway.. at least this means I can move forward on some of my other projects – like painting the basement and recovering my chairs.

I have more to say about this Belle and Sleeping Beauty and Disnification stuff at a later date. (preview: The additional de-disnefication tactics that have been taken in our house. Or rather, my car.)

But for now, this is enough to write on a Sunday evening. It’s been a lovely weekend.

Except for the fact that I suck :)


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Oct 05 2007

Recycle Friday #2

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My good friend Linda was trying to help me remember when exactly my blogiversary is, by pointing out that SHE started her blog 2 years ago on October 12th, right when she went to Korea to teach English and starve herself between visits to Subway and Seoul (she’s allergic to seaweed and is a vegetarian and therefore couldn’t eat 90% of the food there. Just between you and me, she could have picked a better country, don’t you think?).

That totally jogged my memory. I had just recently gotten addicted to reading blogs (dooce and loobylu were my first love at first blogs), and then Linda started hers, and I think James had installed wordpress on our server, and I got Linda’s email announcing her blog, turned to James and said, “I want a blog too!” Thank you Linda — so that definitely puts me a few weeks early for last weeks’ announcement that it was my blogiversary, but that’s ok. I’m still going to claim it, because I already did, and I can’t go through all that bother of claiming a different date, I mean, I have important things to do like sitting on my ass and watching Cash Cab figuring out how to make Jocelyn’s Belle costume.

It’s nice to say that I’m looking at a normal weekend ahead of me, and not one that is full of freelance work. “Normal” means a soccer game at 9am and then another one at 11am, but I guess that means we’ll get all that out of the way in the morning and have our afternoon free. Monday is Columbus day, which I have off, but James does not, and the kid’s school is still open. Not sure what I’m going to do with that, but I guess we’ll see. It might be nice to just head into DC by myself and wander through some museums.

Anyway, without further ado, the link for Recycle Friday is one of the first Cute Kids Stories on this site. There are several stories in this post, so sit back for more of an “awwww” than a laugh, really.

And if you have the day off on Monday, and feel like telling me how you plan on spending it, I’d love any suggestions!

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Oct 04 2007

new banner

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a little late, but better than a poke in the eye!

crazymokes banner 10/2007

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Oct 04 2007

basement decorating #5

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So who’s surprised to hear that after I post the post about which color couch to buy (“I’m definitely going with the brown!”) That I changed my mind about 50 bajillion more times?

But now, my mind is made up, not only made up – couch purchased.

As much as I like the dark brown couch, I think the green one would look better in the basement. Plus, when I piled heavy things on James, he finally admitted to liking the green one better.

It will be arriving in 5-10 business days.


Crate & Barrel Camden 69 in lichen

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