Nov 29 2005


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This morning on the way to school, Ethan being chatty as always, inquired as to what road we were on. I usually give him a running narrative on what road we’re on, which way we’re going to turn and onto what road. He informs me to give him more information on occassion, usually by pointing out roads we’re passing and demanding, “What is THAT road mommy?” So this morning went like this:

“What road are we on now, Mommy?”

“We’re on Sutter Rd. We just left Woodwin Drive, and turned right onto Sutter Road.”

“I like Sutter Road. It’s my favorite. But I don’t like *that* road, Mommy.” (pointing at some side road)

“Ahhh.” (this is my standard response instead of saying, ‘I have no response to that.’) “Now we’re turning left onto Planbee Lane.”

“I like Planbee. It’s on the way to my school!”

“Yes, your school is on this road.”

“This road is soft Mommy.”

“Soft?” (‘Ahhh.’ didn’t seem to apply here. More info was needed.)

“Yes. It’s soft.”

“I don’t think so, I think it’s very hard.”

“When we stop, let’s feel it, Mommy.”

“Good idea.”

We pulled into his school and I dutifully crouched down and beckoned him down too. “See? It’s hard.”

He shakes his head and points out to the street. I can’t pull one over on him. He knows this isn’t the road.

“NO OUT THERE! We need to feel THAT ROAD. I think it’s soft.”

I promised him on the way home, we’d feel that road. I’ll keep you updated on it’s resistance to permanent deformation.

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