May 25 2006

I heart craigslist

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I’ve been looking for a bed for Jocelyn for a while. I’ve entertained the notion of a toddler bed, but it seems like a waste when tehy will outgrow it in 6-10 months, or in Jolly Green Giant Jocelyn’s case, probably 2 weeks. If it was cheap, I’d consider it, but mostly, I wanted a twin bed, one she can use for a long long time. We went with an Ikea bed for Ethan. It was pretty cheap, and while I don’t hate it now, I am not enamored with it. I wanted a bed I would still love a few years down the line for Jocelyn.

I came across this bed on craigslist, and my blood pressure was elevated all day when I didn’t get ANY response to my email about it. Until evening, when I popped open my laptop to check, and she had emailed me back with a number to call. I called, arrangements were made, i drove out to Leesburg (but too late to hit the Pottery Barn and William Sonoma outlets, DAMMIT!) and acquired this beautiful antique maple bed with mattress for $200.


Closer look at the headboard detail:


It needs a screw in the railing that holds up the mattress platform, but other than that it is good to go. I am just so tickled with it. Unless poop gets smeared into those little leaf grooves and won’t come out, I feel I’ve found a bed that I will still love when she is 4. Hopefully she will too.

This weekend = Project Big Girl Bed!

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  1. butterstickon 26 May 2006 at 1:41 pm

    beautiful! I love antique beds. Your girl is lucky!

    ps. thanks for your comments on my blog. it’s been a rough trip, and it’s good to be back.