Jan 19 2007

GIRL blast from the past!

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And once again, I didn’t get new photos off the camera last night. And since I dug up cute baby Ethan pictures, I can’t leave Jocelyn out of it, can I?

Here she is, just over 1 year old.

Oh my goodness. Shoes! That I can put on! I don’t think this will ever not be fun!

Your shoes are so much more fun than mine, Mom.

I think I’ll sit still for a second, so they have at least one photo of me that isn’t blurry. But I won’t look at you. I REFUSE.

And I’m off! There’s some fuzz over there that I definitely need to eat!

Aren’t my little robeez shoes cute? If I wiggle them just so, I can make folks go, “awwwwww!”

I kind of like the power.

This is my daddy. He’ll pretty much do whatever I want him to. Especially when I grin at him.

See? POWER! I WILL RUUUUUULE THE WORLD!!! Or at least, my daddy.

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  1. Chrison 19 Jan 2007 at 1:31 pm

    We have shoes all over our house. Mia loves to wear ours. She also insists I wear them. Many of them are Beth’s. I don’t look good in heels.