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Apr 23 2011

Jocelyn Kid Art – mermaid + merboy

I just love this girl and her creations SO MUCH.


Mermaid + Merboy. Perhaps a prince! He does have a crown.
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Apr 22 2011

Bunny Plague (repost)

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This is a repost from April 12, 2006. Holy crap I’ve had this website a long time. Enjoy.

It all started when someone left out a few baby carrots. I’m not going to point any finger (ETHAN!!!), but what’s done is done.

april 2006 0401.jpg

It started out benignly enough.
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Apr 14 2011

Some people sell lemonade…

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Apr 14 2011

Fun with boxes

These pictures are pretty old now, but better late than never!

We had my brother and his family come visit us a few weeks ago. The weekend after they came, we were having the entire house interior painted, so the house was either scary “you’ve been robbed!” clean, or a mass of migraine inducing “a twister came through here!” messy (the basement).

We boxed up a lot of stuff, and had a lot of boxes around which the kids LOVED. Ethan, Jocelyn, cousin Kade & Eric built a massive box fort which sadly, I didn’t get a picture of. But I did get pictures of Elizabeth, the adorable almost 2 year old!
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Apr 13 2011

Pretzel boy

In case you haven’t heard, we’re moving to Colorado this summer.

Which means we need to sell this house. Which means we need to get it ready, just like the little piggy, for market.

So the last two weekends have been avoiding the house like crazy while workman paint it from head to toe, and then install carpet from head to toe.

Have I ever told you how awesome new carpet is? Ours was AWFUL. And so the new carpet is doubly sweet! It’s sooo beautiful!

Also? Big empty rooms with newly laid carpet is perfect for fiddling around on the floor.

Ethan likes to just settle into a certain position that makes me cock my head to the side and say, “Whaaa?? HOW?!”
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Apr 04 2011

Chainmaille Tutorial: Shenandoah Pendant

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Pssst! I also have a VIDEO TUTORIAL of this piece!
I taught a class for this pendant this past weekend, as my final class in VA! The ladies were all so sweet and fantastic, joking that they would miss me so much they’d have to road trip out to wherever we land in the Denver area so they could keep taking my classes! It was a great class, but very bittersweet. I’m going to miss teaching at Star’s Beads!

This can be worn on a chain as a pendant, or you can make two, attach earwires, and wear them as earrings! I also have a matching bracelet that I also sell a kit for. I’m hoping to post a bracelet tutorial as well, but it will probably not be for a while. One can use this tutorial and easily adapt it for the bracelet if wished.

If anything is unclear or needs more direction, please let me know so I can improve the tutorial! If you make something, I’d love to hear your feedback and pictures!
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Apr 01 2011

The 7 year old has holes in her ears

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We did a lot of stuff in March. And we’re still doing a lot of stuff in April, like getting ready to put our house on the market. So image only posts seem very appealing to me right now! I may throw more words at you later. When I have time to breathe.

Jocelyn decided to get her ears pierced about a week after her birthday. She was very nervous, but she did great! She choose Hello Kitty studs to pierce her ears with. Of course. 🙂

jocelyn ears pierced

jocelyn ears pierced

jocelyn ears pierced

jocelyn ears pierced

jocelyn ears pierced

All these photos were taken on my android phone (HTC Incredible) and run through the Vignette app for fancy retro awesome-sauce.

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