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Mar 17 2023

Amy’s Awesome Topless Mitts

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I have written a pattern. You can download it here.

Let me know if you make them I wanna see.

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Jan 31 2014

Video Tutorial: Japanese 12 in 2, Enso and Shenandoah

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Wahoo! New FREE video tutorial going on! This one is probably the one I should have done about a zillion years ago. Shenandoah is my best selling chainmaille kit – the pendant, earrings, and bracelet. I have a photo tutorial for the pendant/earrings, and now here is a video tutorial! Yippee! I also did my Enso bracelet – all of these pieces use the Japanese 12-in-2 chainmaille weave. This weave is SO versatile and fun, there’s a lot of design potential with it.

Here is the video:

If you’re interested, the photo tutorial is also right here!

And of course — you can see all of my FREE jewelry tutorials right here.

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Nov 03 2013

Video Tutorial: Celtic Visions Star Pendant

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I’ve had this one on my computer for a while, but my computer is so slooooowww that it took me a while to get up the patience to edit it. Here it is! Celtic Visions Star Pendant!

In other super good news, I got a new camcorder, so hopefully from here on out, the video quality will improve!

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Dec 05 2012

tutorial: how to wire wrap a briolette

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I realize I have been posting nothing but video tutorials lately, but I’m pretty busy in the studio, so whenever I sit down to do womthing, I think, “Why not make a video??”

So here you go! In this video, I show how I wire wrap a gemstone briolette. I’d love to hear any comments, feedback, and please subscribe to my youtube channel!

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Dec 02 2012

how to weave full persian chain maille weave

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I’ve made another video and posted it to my youtube channel:

Please let me know waht you think! Kits for Full Persian bracelets can be purchased on my website.

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Nov 28 2012

tutorial: How to wire wrap a bead on a head pin

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Another youtube tutorial! This one, not on chainmaille, but a simple wire wrapping. Please do let me know what you think!

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Nov 05 2012

How to open and close jump rings

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A new video tutorial on how to close jump rings TIGHT and FLUSH!

I welcome any feedback! Help me make my tutorials better by commenting!

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Aug 23 2012

How to weave Byzantine – chainmaille tutorial

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A video I made and posted up on youtube — would love to hear your feedback! I need to work on keeping my camera in focus, but I think I repeated things enough that it comes across. Please let me know what you think!

Interested in trying your hand? You can purchase a kit to make a byzantine bracelet right here on my website.

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Nov 04 2010

Celtic Visions / Celtic Visions Star Pendant tutorial

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I love making chainmaille jewelry, and I love teaching it as well. Full caveat, I sell my own jump rings and kits, so I offer this free chainmaille tutorial to be able to point my customers and students to use as a reference. More tutorials will be forthcoming as my time allows.
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