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Apr 29 2006

pictures from our deck after a storm

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Apr 28 2006

a dream the first morning in New Jersey…

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We arrived at our hotel pretty late, around 1 or 2am last Friday night.

I don’t think the BOTH of us have been away from the kids, together, since … oh.. I don’t know, they were born? The big huge event we were looking forward to (besides, you know, the blessed event of two people joining together in matrimony, you know, BESIDES ALL THAT) ….

was the sleeping in. OH CRIMINITLY, how I was looking forward to just sleep sleep sleeping in.

So there I was, Saturday morning with noone hammering on the side of the bed with a toy hammer, or rattling the slats of their crib because they’ve been awake for an hour and are finally getting bored — yes, there I was, SLEEPING IN (oh sweet rapture how I miss thee!!), and I was starting to wake up, but kept willing myself to go back to sleep, just because I COULD, DAMMIT, when I had this dream.

I was invited to join this club or organization of some sort, and was somewhat astounded to be in it, because there were quite a few high profile bloggers in it, and in my dream, we were all living in the same neighborhood.

It snowed, and there was snow that had to be shoveled, so we all pitched in and started shoveling, and James was there, and shoveling and working hard right alongside Jason Kottke when all of a sudden he stopped, put down his shovel and said to me, “Well, I just laid some tile in World of Warcraft and the grout has to set for 10 minutes before you can use it, and it’s been 10 minutes, so I have to go.” I’ve mentioned before how I have this jealous hatred of WoW, and in my dream, I could not BELEIVE that James was leaving the important work of shoveling snow to GO LAY TILE IN WORLD OF WARCRAFT. I told him off, threw down my shovel, and ran away like a hurt pre-teen who asked her first crush to the school dance and got laughed at. I knew he would come after me, so I ran into someone’s open garage, and then was aghast to hear the owners start to pull in, and I was so embarassed that I was hiding in my neighbor’s (and yet I didn’t know who’s it was) garage that I hid deeper, if you will, until I saw that it was Heather Armstrong (aka Dooce) getting out of the car, and then I really was mortified because how do you explain that you just had to hide from your husband who was busy laying tile in World of Warcraft and one of the most popular blogger ever just happened to be the garage that was handiest and no, I’m not a stalker, but Leta sure is cute and good luck on that sewage problem and I hope her college savings is still intact and I’ll be sure to click on the ads for that purpose and gee, we have that same lawn mower and I’ll be getting out of your hair now and again, no restraining order necessary, really …? (I had to look back and see that yes, that sentence really was supposed to have a question mark at the end. I need help.) (I also didn’t know about the sewage problem when this dream took place, but you get my point. Many things going through the head, in dreamland, that’s my point.)

By now I was really drifting up out of the dream, into that place where you are still dreaming, but it’s like you’re floating above everything, WATCHING the dream as it unrolls, and sometimes if you’re lucky, you can take control of the dream and go on really cool adventures, or even better, SEX DREAMS. Anyway, I wasn’t lucky enough to dream a sex dream (with Heather! Ooh La la!) but I pretty much ruined the dream and woke up by just being so damned AMUSED at DREAMING about james LAYING TILE IN AN ONLINE GAME. I have played RPG games called muds where you have to actually role play stuff out, but you know, you gloss over that kind of crap – he was ACTUALLY LAYING TILE, and HAD TO WAIT FOR THE GROUT TO SET UP PROPERLY. I woke up and instantly poked james and said, “You were laying tile in World of Warcraft, you ninny!” cackling with laughter. It’s a good thing it was so damned funny or I still would have been PISSED OFF.


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Apr 28 2006


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Apr 27 2006

ways to irritate my mother:

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  1. Continually refer to the guy I let ride to work with me, thus giving me the ability to drive in the HOV lane to and from work, as “My Psycho Killer Rapist.” With James, I’ve just shortened it to PKR, but my mother chided me about it so I just HAD to say the entire thing out every chance I got.
  2. Chew gum. Blow bubbles. Repeat.
  3. Bring her within FIVE MILES of a mall and then not take her in.
    Just kidding. I could handle hanging upside down and being whipped with wet noodles, but then she turned hardball. After my first fingernail came out, I caved and we went in. Found a beautiful quilt on sale that James was AGHAST that I bought, but I love it anyway.

More will probably be added to this list as I think of/remember things.

Um.. Mom, if you’re reading this, I love you 🙂

– amy has her mom’s mother’s day present all picked out. Now to just not forget when the time finally comes…

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Apr 27 2006

my fingers WANT to type! Really they do!

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I wanted to sit down tonight and write and write and post lots and lots of pictures, but it has been an evening of frustration at the lack of space on my hard drive.

My folks have been in town, and my dad is an excellent photographer. I know next to nothing, and I learned quite a bit from him while he was here, including the importance of taking pictures in raw mode.

Raw mode = lots of hard drive space.

Raw mode also = need for Photoshop CS2 for photo fiddling.

I’m out of space on my hard drive. Grrrrrrr. So I need to organize what I have, copy them down to our file server, maybe back them up on CD as well, and then delete.

I’m especially frustrated because with all the events that have gone on in the last week, I feel all non-functioning until I can write it all down. It’s almost like I can’t do or experience anything else because I haven’t written the past stuff down yet. Stop, life! Don’t throw anything at amy, she’s not ready! She hasn’t blogged about what’s already happened yet!

So I’ll post soon, and there will be many many photos. I’ll probably post a few here and there over the next few days.

-amy can’t wait for the weekend, except it’s going to be crazy busy also with a yard sale.

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Apr 25 2006

my folks are in town.

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thus, the no posts. will talk more after they’re gone.

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Apr 19 2006

Oh my life is complete!

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You think I’m being sarcastic, but I would never be sarcastic about Caitlin tagging me, she’s too nice! And I’m not sarcastic, because I like this little games, and when someone wants me to participate, it’s like I’m Sally Field getting an award. YOU LIKE ME! YOU REALLY LIKE ME!

So, six things about Amy.. this is actually a toughie. I spout on a lot of drivel about me on this website, and you expect me to find something I haven’t already revealed??? Here goes:

  1. I find bare feet incredibly sexy. (Clean, of course.) Bare feet and jeans, oh baby!
  2. I prefer going bare foot than wearing shoes. This tendency has somewhat changed since I’ve had kids that I have to set an example for, since I don’t let them go out without shoes, but mostly, shoes are a bother that I wish our society didn’t bother with. When I was growing up our house was in the middle of an alfalfa field, and it grew a lot of those little prickly weeds (we always called them sticker bushes, though I don’t know why, they’re definitely not bushes). We would have races across the field in bare feet, and I would always win because my feet were hard enough to withstand the prickles with minimal damage.Enough about feet.
  3. I prefer having red hair. I dyed my hair red from when I was in high school. I wish I had natural red hair. I stopped because it always fades to a nasty orange color that I didn’t care for, and it always seemed to fade quicker each time.
  4. I still take prenatal vitamins. They have a lot of iron, which women still need, though not as much as pregnant women, but the real reason is because they are left over and they were still good, so why not? Perfectly good vitamins.
  5. I chew a lot of gum. Juicy Fruit and tropical twist Trident. The Juicy Fruit is better for blowing bubbles, or I’d chew Trident only. Every now and then I’ll get some bubble yum or something like that, but it is too big, and after a half hour, my jaw hurts.
  6. Shhhh. This one is super secret. When I get something to eat, I love it when I can get my own drink, because that means I can fill it mostly with Diet Coke, and top it off with Root Beer for the last inch. It’s my favorite drink. I don’t know why, but I’m a little embarrassed about it. Weird.

Ooohhh what fun what fun! I don’t know who to tag now. I will go with…

HOSE, MINIANN, MISTY, ANNA and LINDA. With five folks, I’m hedging my bets that maybe ONE of them will do it 🙂

Fine Print and all that good stuff:
1. Reveal six weird facts/things/habits about yourself and then tag six people if you can.
2. Leave a “You’re Tagged!” comment to let the people you have tagged know they have to reveal six things (or the entire blogosphere will explode and it will be their fault).
3. Leave me a comment letting me know that you have completed your mission (if you have chosen to accept it!)

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Apr 18 2006

still alive..

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The PKR (psycho killer rapist) hasn’t killed me yet, so I’m still here. He seems to be a good guy, and he doesn’t flail wildly or hang on to the “oh shit” handle when I make dangerous lane switching decisions.

Seriously. I don’t think I could carpool in someone else’s car. I like being in charge of the driving. I like to pick which lane and when, how fast, what radio station to listen to, etc. When James is driving, at least I still get a say in all that (even though he repeatedly tells me I DON’T get a say in which lane is fastest and which route home will be quickest. Something about “back seat driving.” HOG WASH! I let him know I love him by informing him that Balls Ford Rd is much quicker than 28 at this time of day. He reciprocates by threatening divorce papers. It’s just the little dance that we call love.)

But when you sit in a relative stranger’s car, you have to stay mum on these important driver decisions lest they cast you out. Change the station, or adjust the climate control, and you risk being cast out while the vehicle is still moving, and possibly still on the freeway.

So I have to applaud my PKR in that he can do the idle chit chat or tolerate long periods of silence as well without getting all edgy and nervous and trying to talk anyway. No moves toward the radio or the AC/heat, and even no yelling profanities when I almost took out that little Toyota Corolla on my way to the HOV lane.

Yup, I think this carpooling/slugging thing might work out!

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Apr 17 2006

taking my life in my hands – FOR YOU, MOTHER EARTH!

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Well I’ve started doing my part.

That’s right.

I invited a psycho killer rapist into my car to commute to work with me every morning.

It’s the least I could do seeing as how my monstrous, behemoth SUV sucks gas, hogs the roadways, blocks people’s view, cuts people off, kills small children, and chews up hybrids for breakfast and spits them out before lunch. (Owning an SUV – it’s just my own small way of making sure that Al Queda wins.)

Hmmm. Except that…

The psycho killer rapist doesn’t own a car and would otherwise be riding the bus, if he didn’t find someone to hitch a ride with. So I’m not helping to keep another car off the highway, because he doesn’t have one, and the bus would still run whether he was on it or not.

So I’m not helping to de-congest I-66.

And I’m not cutting down gas usage which will therefore lower our dependence on oil which will therefore leave us more free to run naked in the face of the middle east’s oil reserves (which some friends (who are smarter and more informed than me) tell me will never happen anyway because of china’s increasing industrialization).

So I’m not lowering gas usage.
And I’m not helping to decrease our foreign oil dependence and therefore helping fight terrorism.

I mean, I can’t even listen to my podcasts without feeling embarrassed! No Dawn and Drew! Whatever am I to do! (That was an unfortunate rhyme. )

Someone tell me why I’m risking my life driving to work with a possible psycho killer rapist in my car?

He is giving me some gas money.

And now I CAN drive in the HOV lanes. (Now I know how the HOV people feel about all those damn hybrids clogging up the lane.)

And he does seem to be a very nice person, probably not a psycho killer rapist at all.


– amy tells you she loves you.. just in case she ends her days dead in a ditch somewhere.

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Apr 14 2006

to my husband…

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